Kathy Booth

“I worked in the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRENS) as a steward until 1954 when I got married; at that time you couldn’t be in the WRENS as a married woman. When I left the WRENS I trained to become a nurse and worked in the NHS until I was 60. My husband was in the Royal Navy, which meant I got to travel. We went to the Far East, including Hong Kong and Singapore, to name a couple, and I absolutely loved the experience. I met some wonderful and interesting people and I’ve had a very busy life. We had lots of fun and that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

“After leaving the NHS I continued nursing elsewhere and didn’t retire until I was 76. I moved to Royal Alfred after developing problems with my eyesight. I’ve been here for nearly five years now and I’m extremely happy here – the team at the Royal Alfred work very hard to please us! They do an awful lot in terms of activities and try to give you a spice of life. The Home not only caters for active people like me; they also cater for people living with dementia, which is wonderful.

“The staff here are extremely caring, kind and helpful and they give you as much independence as possible, which is perfect for me. It’s also a very secure place; although I wander around on my own a lot, the carers know exactly what I’m doing and where I am, which enables me to enjoy my time in peace. I’m delighted I came here.”

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