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JobsHours and payClosesSummary
Night Care AssistantFull time, 38.5 hours, and applicants must be flexible to work any night of the week.

The pay rates are:

NVQ Night Care Assistant - £14.77 per hour

Non NVQ night care assistant - £13.69 per hour
• To ensure all residents are cared for with respect, dignity and in a way which promotes independence.
• To ensure residents individual needs are met by providing wakeful night cover.
• To create a flexible and caring environment and a happy home in such a manner as to justify public trust and confidence.

1. To assist residents who require help in undressing, dressing, washing, bathing and in the use of the toilet. Helping them in and out of bed as necessary.
2. To deal with incontinence problems tactfully and kindly, avoiding further embarrassment to the residents concerned.
3. To be conversant with the Individual Care Plan for each resident and play your part in contributing to its care for residents who are sick.
4. To assist the Registered Nurse in caring for residents who are sick or dying.
5. To carry out such cleaning and laundry tasks as may be allocated.
6. To ensure Dining Room tables and any necessary trays are correctly set for breakfasts. Ensuring all china used by residents during the night is returned to the kitchen ready for use in the morning.
7. To make and serve drinks or food as required by residents.
8. To answer the nurse call system promptly.
Answer the telephone if required, transferring the call or taking an accurate message.
10. To carry out hourly patrols of the home, paying particular attention to fire prevention and security.
11. To receive and give reports, maintaining accurate and detailed records as necessary or required.
12. To take part in staff meetings wherever possible.
13. It is a requirement of your employment that staff actively participate in training programmes as organised by the Society.
14. As delegated, to assist in the orientation and supporting of new members of staff.
15. To carry out all such duties or those relevant to your position as agreed by the Home Manager.
16. Maintaining, in confidence, any particulars about residents within the home - never discuss residents outside the home.
17. To know where all fire fighting equipment is located and how it is operated.
To be aware of COSHH regulations and appropriate use of all substances.
19. Have due regard from their own health and safety and the health and safety of others. Hazards, potential hazards, accidents and other untoward occurrences, faulty equipment etc should be reported to the senior person on duty and any necessary steps taken to prevent injury.
20. Carrying out all procedures laid down according to Society policy.
21. The work of Care Staff involves a great deal of personal contact with residents. This meaning that it is important for staff to have a very high standard of hygiene themselves so that they do not accidentally give offence to people they are near ie the smell of cigarette smoke/body odour. It also means that Care Staff have to handle residents’ clothing and linen that is wet or soiled with faeces so it is important again that a high standard of hygiene is maintained in the disposal of used dressing, pads and personal washing between tasks.