The Society has always been committed to helping residents pursue their own interests and creating opportunities for them to socialise and take part in rewarding activities; therefore a lot of work goes into creating a high quality programme of events.

Hobbies have played an important role in the lives of residents from the beginning of the Society, from rope work at the old Belvedere Mansion in Enrith, to gardening, painting and model making at the new Belvedere House.

There is a full schedule of activities held at Belvedere House throughout the week, including flower arranging, bingo, card games, exercise, treatments such as manicures and reflexology and a quiz in the bar. All events are arranged and supervised by the dedicated activities coordinator. We even have an on-site hairdressing salon, where residents can have their hair done and chat with friends.


At Christmas we hold a carol concert which is often geared to helping our residents with dementia recover happy memories, with friends and family making the events memorable.


For those who are more mobile, we offer a programme of outings, organised and funded either by the Society itself or by other ex- servicemen’s charities. These excursions have included boat trips on the Thames and the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.


Groups from the Royal Alfred also regularly go to London for events such as the Buckingham House Tea Party, the Society’s Annual General Meeting and the Annual National Service for Seafarers, usually held at St Paul’s Cathedral. Boat trips on the Thames are always popular too.